I’ve been talking more about hypnosis lately, and I am getting responses along the lines of, “You make people cluck like chickens, and that’s therapy?” I mean, these days, I’ve heard of stranger things, so maybe that would work! But hypnotherapy has nothing to do with stage performance or making people do things they don’t want to do. (I promise you, that’s not even in my wheelhouse.) I see hypnosis as a natural extension of meditation and a powerful healing tool that has been used in traditional indigenous cultures since the beginning of human time. It’s all about taking some pathway to a deeper state of relaxation similar to lucid dreaming, where the body, mind, and spirit become more open and receptive to change. 

Doing hypnosis in therapy is really just listening to a deeper, more purposeful, and more personalized meditation, all in the service of some change you would like to see. It’s like going on a very relaxing imaginary journey, where you can feel the change you’ve been waiting for. Oftentimes, people have visions and feel a pretty profound shift in mood and energy. Or you can stay closer to the surface and just enjoy a more restful mind. You are always in control of the experience and can come out of it at any moment. It’s very safe and surprisingly effective. 

Beyond the power of the hypnosis experience, the real point is to learn to access that peaceful confidence as often as you can. They call that self-hypnosis. When we relax our minds and enter a more creative sphere, we find new solutions, and, even more importantly, we find peace in situations that are normally stressful. Because in the end, it’s that moment-to-moment okay-ness with what’s happening that makes just about everything a little easier. 

Running, meditation, music, hypnosis—lots of practices can get you in the flow state. The more you go there, the more you remember to go there often. And if you plant seeds there for the changes you are wanting to make, you’ve got some really fertile ground for growth to happen.  

I don’t use hypnosis with everyone I work with because it’s not what everyone needs, and I feel strongly about working with people in the way that feels best to them. But hypnosis is a great tool for those who want to try something new. It’s especially helpful if there’s something particular you want to shift, or if you are needing to learn how to let go of control and relax more. Mostly I use it to help people ready for change. If you’re curious or know someone you think might benefit, feel free to take me up on my free assessment call offer. We’ll see what would be most helpful to you, and take it from there.

Wishing you much peace in this moment and in all the ones that come next,


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