Julia Aziz photoWelcome. My name is Julia Aziz, and I help women who care a lot about others and want to take better care of themselves.

Maybe your relationships, your work, or your sense of self is changing. It could be a loss that has set off these changes, or it could be a difficult choice you have to make. Maybe you’re having trouble finding your feet again when things feel so unsettled. Feelings may be coming up that are really asking to be seen.

Or perhaps you’re feeling worn out and stuck. You keep running up against the same walls, repeating old patterns, and this is just not the way you want your life to be. Most likely, it looks like you have it all together on the outside. But on the inside… there’s more to the story.

I support women in coming back to their own heart, their own strength, and their own center. My current offerings include:

My training and experience is pretty diverse. I have been counseling individuals, facilitating groups, and leading workshops for over 20 years, and I have studied with wonderful teachers in the areas of transpersonal psychology, spiritual direction, Buddhist meditation, shamanism and traditional healing practices, and clinical hypnotherapy. I also draw upon my own personal experiences as an empathic, highly sensitive person who has had to learn (sometimes the hard way) how to let go of fear, honor my own rhythms, and live a life of authenticity, compassion, and trust. My background includes:

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Wishing you a beautiful day and a joyful heart,