Release & Empower Online

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The Release & Empower Online Community is designed for women who are often attending to other people’s needs. Some are helping professionals like mental health therapists, health and wellness practitioners, and teachers; others do most of their caregiving at home with children, elders, or friends. All give a lot of themselves, and most really need some space to receive. If this sounds like you, maybe you’re also wanting to:

  • Release negative emotions as often as you need to
  • More quickly notice when you’re stuck, and choose to shift
  • Tap into clear guidance when you need it
  • Feel relaxed and strong enough to make courageous choices
  • Appreciate your life and know you are really worth it

The Release & Empower Online Community is not therapy or interpersonal processing work. It is women taking care of themselves, together. In times of high stress like this pandemic, having a weekly practice and community support can be foundational for everything else you need to do. If you care for other people professionally or in your personal life, and you’re craving space away from the noise to hear your own voice again, this program was created for you.

Each community session is like a mini-retreat, where a group of like-minded women gather for the practice of four powerfully simple tools: 


A way to compost the trash talk in your mind and gain surprisingly easy access to your own intuition and guidance 


Using the body and voice to let go of emotions that have been stored there


Relaxing into the experience of feeling both lighter and more grounded, clear in your wisdom, and reconnected with your heart


Using your real voice from a place of presence, power, and self-compassion


TIME: Google Meet sessions take place every Tuesday evening at 7pm CST (8pm EST, 5pm PST, 6pm MST) for an hour and fifteen minutes. You do not need to attend every group session, though the more you come, the more you’ll get to connect with like-minded women being real with themselves and others. Sessions are not recorded, to protect the privacy of the women who are present.

COMMITMENT AND FEES: A regular monthly membership is $125/month. If pandemic times are making cost an obstacle, please feel welcome to choose a sliding scale subscription of $99/month. You can join the group at the next session after you sign up, and you can cancel up to five days before your next renewal cycle. Release & Empower is an intimate community with limited spots available, and thus no refunds or transfers can be made once you are accepted and register. (If there are no spots available when you have a screening call, you’ll be put on a waiting list so you can join as soon as space opens up.)

FOR QUESTIONS OR TO REGISTER: I know we all love the quick click sign-up, but I do brief phone calls with everyone first. This allows me to answer questions, make sure the community is a good fit for you, and either get you signed up or offer you some other resources. All you have to do now is set up a free phone call! (If you can’t find a time on my schedule, just let me know a few different times you’re available, and we’ll figure it out). Once we’ve spoken and determined that the community is a good fit for you, you can register here.


Is this program right for me?

Release & Empower is designed for women who give a lot of physical or emotional care to others, whether that be professionally or in your personal life. It’s a great fit if you’re going through a life transition, wanting to be healthier and kinder to yourself, finding a new path after a loss, struggling with low-level but lifelong anxiety, living as an empath or highly sensitive person, or just trying to maintain equilibrium in crazy times. It won’t be the right fit if you’re experiencing major mental health issues or struggling with active addictions. If you’re unsure, set up a call, and we’ll figure it out together!

What if I have to miss some sessions?

Of course, this will happen sometimes (hopefully because you’re doing something else for your self-care!). There is no obligation to attend every session, though you are always welcome. I’ll explain further on your free phone call if you’d like to know more now.

I’m unsure and a little nervous. Is there some way to see if I’ll like it?

Yes! You can call me and ask all your questions, ask to speak with a former participant, or join me at a free sample online workshop. The workshop is a great opportunity to try out the practices and connect with like-minded women.


I have gotten so much from this group. Julia creates a safe, warm, loving space to look inside, release, and ground back into the part of me that feels the most authentic and loved. The process she uses is simple and profound. I look forward to meeting each week with supportive women who give me space to work through whatever is going on in my life.

A beautiful, sacred, safe, free of judgment space to express myself without having to explain the backstory. This group gives me time to be open with myself without the pressure of having to make it look a certain way.

I’m so glad I decided to sign up for Release & Empower. Each week I feel more comfortable with myself and with the other women in the group. I’ve learned skills and tools to take care of myself, and I feel connected to the truth of life’s ups and downs in a more accepting way.

This is an amazing experience. I don’t think anyone could come away from this unchanged.