On offering and receiving healing work online

I’m the last person I would have ever imagined working online. A cabin in the woods without WiFi is my favorite weekend getaway, and when I learned about Luddites during a semester abroad in England, I was instantly enamored with the idea of smashing computers–and that was before the internet! Yet here we are three years in to our crazy new world, and I’m still discovering unexpected blessings in healing work online.

What I’m Appreciating

For people who are self-conscious about being seen moving their bodies, making noise, crying, or otherwise releasing deep emotions, a well-tended online space is a chance to really let loose–in privacy yet supported.

For people who keep their cards close to their chest, meeting online can feel both safe and liberating, inviting a “why not?” kind of courage to take bigger risks in speaking what’s true.

For people who struggle with the self-discipline of regular practice and thrive with the accountability of a group, meeting online supports healthy routine. It requires one to remove distractions and set up their space well, building the foundation for regular self-healing practice where it’s most needed–at home and in everyday life.

For empaths and highly sensitive people who are often overly tuned in to others, being online offers the opportunity to build mastery in staying grounded and present in the body while connecting to another person.

For people who have been failed by experts and gurus, or people who have long been searching for answers outside themselves, online healing work can be ideal for practical and energetic reasons. Practicing self-healing tools with online support can give power back to the person in the “receiving” role, encouraging self-worth and sovereignty. 

For people with a lot of responsibilities–you’re busy, it’s convenient, I don’t think I need to say more!

On Being Together In Person

Meeting online will never replace being with people physically. That’s just silly (and scary)! My current approach has been to learn and participate in online spaces, then show up open and available when I see loved ones or meet new folks in person. Personally, I find I have a lot more appreciation and bandwidth for both healing experiences and social connection when I’m not out there all the time. 

As for my own offerings, I am loving working with both individuals and groups online, providing protected space for deep release and renewal. I am also continuing to (or resuming) offering in-person personal ritual, group ceremony, and community healing workshops and retreats, as we need that special time to be together, on the earth, face to face.

On Release & Empower

If you’ve been feeling drained by too many Zoom calls, but you’ve been toying with the idea of joining a women’s circle this season, here are a few things to know: 

We spend most of our time together not engaging with the screen. We do expressive writing, move our bodies to music, relax and receive, and then only at the end do we sit together for sharing and witnessing. Note: we don’t stay in front of the screens during the music, so you can feel free and private experimenting with movement.

You can skip weeks whenever you need to (and it’s OK to come late). We all need a break sometimes.

More opportunities for connecting with women in the group are coming soon. If you’ve been in a group before, you know just how amazing the women are. An in-person retreat for current and former circle participants is coming this spring (save the date: April 1st), and an optional online partnering component for group members will be available in the fall. More on these soon, but in general: more ease, more connection, as needed.

Thank you for reading and continuing to connect in the different forms available to us. I trust you know where you’re at and what you need, and I’m wishing you just the right support, in right timing.

Julia Aziz

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