If you’re needing some space for yourself: About Release & Empower Online

Everything is changing, responsibilities are multiplying, and plans are pretty impossible. But if you’re a woman who spends a lot of time attending to other people’s needs, you may need to purposefully set aside time to attend to your own. In my experience, if we don’t do this for ourselves, it’s not going to happen. And it’s WAY easier to make that time when we feel some accountability with others. This is why I want to share a new kind of women’s group with you.

The Release & Empower Online Community is designed for women who do the emotional caregiving and space-holding work that often goes unnoticed. Some are helping professionals like mental health therapists, health and wellness practitioners, and teachers; others do most of their caregiving at home with children or elders. All give a lot of themselves, and most really need some space to receive. If this sounds like you, maybe you’re also wanting to:

  • Feel, release, and relieve negative emotions as often as they arise
  • Tap into clear intuitive guidance when you need it
  • Feel relaxed and strong enough to make courageous choices 
  • Appreciate your life and know you are really worth it

The Release & Empower Online Community is not therapy or interpersonal processing work. It is women taking care of themselves, together. Each community session is like a mini-retreat, where we practice four simple and powerful tools: writing, somatic release, self-compassion practice, and sharing with witnessing only, no cross-talk.

What’s different about this new format: 
(1) Women can join from anywhere, so you can invite a friend that you love and miss, and really be connected with her on a regular basis again, without needing to catch up on a bunch of phone calls, texts, etc. or even be in the mood for conversation. We don’t share for long but we get right to the heart of things.
(2) When you do loud and/or crazy movement, no one is watching, so everyone can get wild with it without feeling self-conscious.
(3) This group is available throughout the pandemic, so that every Tuesday evening, there’s a place set aside to care for your emotional/spiritual health. It’s flexible, affordable, with very little commitment— you can come every week or just when you feel like it, and always know it’s there for you.

What’s it take to join? Just set up a free inquiry call, we’ll make sure it’s a good fit for you, and then you can start any Tuesday. Questions? Just ask. All the details are here.

Wishing you safe, compassionate, and authentic community wherever you are,


PS–To read the updated FAQs about making this community a protected and diverse space in our highly charged times, scroll to the bottom of the main page.  

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