The more there is to do, the slower I need to do it

December is a weird month. Every group, community, class, and workplace is throwing a party, often at the same time. There are showcases, performances, potlucks, and all kinds of holiday gift exchanges. All with an underlying, sometimes not so subtle, pressure to participate.

I like to show up for the people in my life and reconnect with the communities I participate in. But I am not too keen on constant activity. These December days can be quite a whirlwind, moving from one obligatory celebration to another. I am finding this year to be different though. There are just as many events on the calendar, but I don’t feel as overwhelmed. Something in me is different.

I am moving slower. Taking breaks in between for a cup of tea. Saying no to requests that don’t align with my values, especially those that involve buying stuff that feels unnecessary. Letting it be OK if I don’t have anything to say at a party. Spending time just lying down, not watching Netflix, not reading a book, not looking at my phone, not meditating either. The other day, I had about two hours left of work to do, and I was just too tired to do it. So I took a nap, then woke up and got the work done in 30 minutes. It’s amazing how much can get done when my energy is truly recharged.

As a native New Yorker with a walk that has sometimes outpaced my running friends, this slower way of going about life is liberating. I love it. I don’t need to push through or pretend anything. I can just show up. Happily. As I am. 

I  wish this slower pace for all of us this December. To do what feels good to your own heart. To drop the rest, with love. To move at your own pace. To attend events in full agreement to being there, and if you can’t, to go home and take a nap. To enjoy the empty moments as well as the full ones. It’s December, and we are heading into the winter’s den. There is time for everything, and everything has its time. 

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