The Blog begins…

I’ve been letting loose into a creative whirlwind these past couple weeks, with five different journals full of project ideas. There’s one for dreams and random inspirations, one for program development, one for calendaring, one for essay writing, and one for stream-of-consciousness processing and poetry. Oh yeah, and there’s also the little notepad I keep in my purse in case an idea pops in when I’m talking to somebody.

I promise you right now, many of these ideas won’t make it off the page. I have come to terms with the reality that my mind enjoys creating AND my human body can only do so much in one lifetime. I have to respect the process of creativity. It starts with this free-for-all chaotic purge of ideas. It’s the madman step Betty Flowers talks about in a short article that guided me through my entire book-writing process. To begin something new, we have to purge all the ideas in whatever messy form they come out in. Structure comes later.

What has emerged out of this mess so far is a little whisper that has turned into a nudge and now a push.

“Start a blog,” it keeps saying.

I have resisted this idea for months, maybe even years. Now I’m saying yes. I’m choosing to follow inspiration where it leads, even if I don’t know the final destination.

Thank you for accompanying me on this ride, dear reader. I am wishing you too some real space and time to dream up your own dreams and the courage to let them come true.


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