Quote from the Introduction

For many of us, once we’ve given birth, the urge to share our stories is strong, but in the surge of activity involved in taking care of a newborn baby, these stories soon fade into the distance. They are remembered with less and less detail and eventually less emotional charge. Soon, they become quick summaries, judged “good” if they matched our desires and “bad” if they didn’t.

There may be something more to our stories than just whether we had a good or bad birth experience, though. We might consider questions beyond whether or not everything went the way we wanted. Instead, we might ask what these birth stories tell us about ourselves. What meaning can we find in the particular way we came face to face with pain, with the unknown, and with the delivery of new life into this world? How might we use this experience in the future? Can it teach us something about how we mother our children or about who we are becoming in this next phase of our lives?

Julia S. Aziz