Comments from Advance Readers

“I know some midwives who’ve said for years they wanted to write about the parallels between life and labor. I think when they see this book they will slap their thighs and say, somebody did it!”
–Pam England, author of Birthing From Within

“I think it is a story that fills a void in terms of what is out there for mothers. It is personal, honest, real, intelligent, thought-provoking, and frankly, I think it will be very influential.”
–Shawna, therapist and mother of 2 in Boston, MA

“I couldn’t stop reading!  I hadn’t planned on finishing it tonight but I simply could not stop reading.  So real, vulnerable, strong… all within a compelling story, one that you want to just devour. It is really, really good!!!”
–Sarah, teacher in Santa Cruz, CA