Julia offers one-on-one sessions for individuals seeking more clarity, purpose, love, and wellness in their lives. Her holistic approach combines deep conversation, meditation, body awareness, and movement as she walks with clients on one of Austin’s beautiful public trails. Remote phone sessions offer more privacy and may include somatic awareness, breathwork, and writing in addition to guided self-care and discovery practices. Clients are encouraged to continue the work on their own in the days and weeks following a consultation session. All sessions are $140/hour. For those who need it, a sliding scale is available, beginning at $100/hour. For a free 30 minute initial phone call to explore these services, call 512-827-8208 or email

Please note that Julia no longer offers psychotherapy services, though she worked for many years as a traditional psychotherapist in the past. The shift to offering more holistic consultations was a conscious, personal decision based on her observations of how people process and make true changes in their lives. She is committed to her clients’ development of self-care and self-inquiry. She schedules only a limited number of individual clients per week and only rarely sees clients more than once every two weeks or monthly. For more information on her mind-body, intuitive approach to personal development, please contact Julia directly.

I can’t even begin to tell you how helpful Julia was. She helped me get clarity on the direction I want to go in and to trust that path even when it doesn’t pan out immediately. I feel immensely better!

Julia’s presence alone is dynamic, compassionate, and healing. This work has been a paramount piece in my personal empowerment and evolution.

I am so moved by her insight, compassion, and sense of balance. She respects different perspectives and works with people where they most need it. She is an amazing asset to the community.



As an independent interfaith minister, Julia officiates weddings, funerals, baby/mother blessings, divorce rituals, rites of passage, and private ceremonies. She meets with individuals, couples, and families to create personalized, meaningful ceremonies in honor of significant life transitions.

My mother’s wedding was so special and having Julia as the officiant made it even more special. Her peaceful and calm demeanor was needed by some of us and truly set the tone for the wedding. The ceremony was so beautiful and simple. Everything from the children’s major role to the readings to Julia’s address was endearing. I thank her from the bottom of my heart for her patience and kindness towards our family. 

Please call 512-827-8208 or email to learn more.