Holistic Psychotherapy

We all struggle sometimes, especially when faced with change. Whether those changes are in relationships, career, lifestyle, or health, unresolved issues from the past can come up, and feelings may arise that just won’t pass on their own. It’s a good time to explore, to grow, to heal, and to ask for more support. 

I take a holistic approach to psychotherapy, integrating heart-centered conversation, meditation, walk & talks, hypnosis, and other guided self-healing and self-discovery practices. I use different tools depending on what resonates best for you. The most important piece is that we create a space where you feel like you can be yourself and that anything you are going through is welcome. 

LOCATIONS: Private healing space in South Austin (near 71/Ben White and Manchaca Rd., 78745) and/or Lady Bird Lake Trail, Austin, Texas 78704 (for walk & talk sessions). Remote phone sessions are also available.

FEES: $125/hour

AVAILABILITY: Daytime 8:30am-2:30pm Mon-Fri, Evening 6:30pm-8:30pm Mon-Thurs, Weekend 12pm-4pm Sundays

Note: I see a maximum of five individuals a week, as much of my current work is now in group facilitation and teaching. My individual client time is sacred, and I take the utmost care to make sure we are a good fit before we begin. 



My whole experience has been relaxing, nourishing, and rejuvenating. Since working with Julia, I’ve had a few situations that before would have felt really triggering, and I found I wasn’t so reactive. In the situations, I noticed that I was a little annoyed or upset about something without going into the spiral of thoughts and feelings that sometimes come next. And without the downward spiral, I found the situation either resolved itself, or I was able to move through it and then talk about it calmly later. It has really helped! Julia is a beautifully skilled practitioner, and I am very thankful. –Social worker and mother of two

I can’t even begin to tell you how helpful Julia was. She helped me get clarity on the direction I want to go in and to trust that path even when it doesn’t pan out immediately. I feel immensely better! –Acupuncturist

Julia’s presence is dynamic, compassionate, and healing. This work has been a paramount piece in my personal empowerment. –Graduate student of healthcare

I find Julia to be nurturing, supportive, grounded, and insightful. When I talk with her, I uncover areas I know need to shift. Then in hypnotherapy, there is a deeper way to change my wiring so that I can embody those shifts. As someone who easily overthinks things, this feels easy, powerful and light! –Nonprofit program director 

My experience working with Julia has been relaxing, revealing, and meaningful. Julia has helped me realize I have a place inside me to go to when I am anxious or worried. I now have clear and easy ways to care for myself, and I am excited to keep doing this work. –Preschool teacher and mother of three

If you are at all curious, reach out! Don’t worry if you don’t know exactly what you need, Julia will help you clarify. I was a little nervous about hypnosis because I didn’t know what to expect. Julia did a great job making me feel comfortable and letting me know that I was the one that was always in control of the experience. Afterwards, I felt real release and calm. And the best part is that I have been able to access that peace in my daily life. I would definitely recommend working with Julia, especially if you don’t always take time for self care! –City employee, new mom, and active community volunteer