Hypnosis is a beautiful tool for releasing old, stuck patterns and coming into greater balance, ease, and well-being. It’s a natural, gentle way to access a relaxed, open mind where the seeds of change can really take root. Women come to me for hypnotherapy for help with:

  • Anxiety
  • Pregnancy symptoms and/or childbirth preparation
  • Parenting stress 
  • Moving on from an old relationship
  • A relentless inner critic 
  • Confidence-building
  • Career changes
  • Life-threatening medical diagnoses or chronic, stress-related health issues 
  • Smoking cessation
  • Body image concerns and/or emotional eating
  • Facing the loss of a loved one
  • General stress management 

If you’d like to learn more about my practice of hypnotherapy, you can check out this blog article or read about my background here. You are also welcome to schedule a free phone call so I can answer any questions you may have. 

DETAILS: Sessions last about 1.5 hours and are $200 each. The number of sessions you’ll need depends on what you’re working on, which we’ll discuss in the initial phone call. Generally, hypnosis is a very effective tool, and the more you practice on your own, the more changes you’ll see. You are welcome to record our sessions to listen to later, and I also will be teaching you how to integrate the work using self-hypnosis. I work out of a meditative healing space, The She Shed, a peaceful women’s sanctuary in south Austin (78745, near Manchaca and Ben White). Remote phone or video sessions are also available.


I loved my hypnosis session and felt a real shift afterwards. It was pretty amazing how I felt different without having to think about it. The process helped me let go of things my brain knew would help to let go of, but my heart and/or body were holding onto.” 

“I was a little nervous because I didn’t know what to expect. I’d never experienced hypnosis before. Julia did a great job making me feel comfortable and letting me know that I was the one always in control of the experience. When I arrived, we sat and talked for a little while. Then, she invited me to get into a comfortable position while she led me through what was like a very deep guided meditation. She took care to remind me that I could come out at any point if I needed to. That made me feel comfortable the whole time. After the session, I felt release and calm. And I have been able to access that peace in my daily life. I would definitely recommend this for anyone, especially if you don’t always take time for self-care, or there are places you feel really stuck.”

“The space is really lovely and comfortable. Julia is a beautifully skilled practitioner, and this work can shift things at a deeper level. If you’re at all curious, I’d recommend reaching out!”