Consultations and Healings

I offer both consultation and healing sessions for individuals.


People come to see me for many different reasons. Maybe you find yourself giving more than you are receiving, struggling with an inner critic, moving through a major life transition, at an impasse in your work or relationships, grieving a loss, facing chronic illness, lacking direction, or just feeling frayed around the edges and sensitive to everything around you. We all need support now and then. I’ve chosen the word “consultation” because it reflects my collaborative approach. I see myself as walking alongside you on your journey, sometimes shining a light where you may have trouble seeing, sometimes taking you deeper into an unexplored part of your experience, and sometimes holding space for you to let go. Other times, you may need encouragement, perspective, and accountability to make the changes you already know you need to make. Ultimately, I’m here to help you remember your own internal guidance system so you can reclaim your power with a a full heart and clear, vital energy.

Walk & Talks: Moving the body, being outside in nature, and heart-centered conversation is powerful alchemy. I walk with clients on Austin’s three-mile trail loop around the lake.  

Remote Phone Sessions: Phone sessions provide great flexibility and the privacy of being in your own home. They are also a good option if you don’t live in the Austin area. 

Please note: Though I worked for many years as a counselor and still maintain a clinical social work license in the state of Texas, I no longer provide clinical mental health services in my independent practice. If we determine that your needs would be better served through psychotherapy, I will happily refer you to some of my favorite clinicians in Austin.


Healing sessions incorporate meditation, energy work, and guided self-discovery practices. My healing work is informed by training in spiritual counseling, Reiki, Buddhist meditation, shamanic practice, clinical hypnotherapy, and hospice chaplaincy, as well as intuitive guidance. I usually work only with clients who have previously had a consultation session with me, so you have a sense of who I am and how I practice before beginning work at this level. Healing sessions are meant to be a catalyst for your own intuitive self-healing, both while we are together and in the days, weeks, or months after. Sessions are held at a small meditation space in south Austin. 


My fee for a one-hour consultation or healing session is $140. I offer a 25$ discount for healthcare and helping professionals currently attending school or beginning their first year of practice. 


After a free 20 minute phone consultation to make sure we are a good fit, we’ll schedule your first session. We may meet just once, or you may decide you would like to meet more regularly. Over time we’ll extend the length of time between sessions so you can integrate the practices and work we do on your own. I work with individual clients 8:30am-2:30pm M-F, 6:30pm-8:30pm M-Th, and 12pm-4pm Sundays CST.


Please leave your contact information and the best times to reach you at 512-827-8208 or