Release and Empower: A Women’s Group for Letting Go and Moving On

You’re getting stressed out kind of often, anxious about your personal life and/or the world. Maybe you procrastinate and feel like you can’t do anything at all, or perhaps you go into overdrive and do too much until your body starts wearing down. You forget to notice all the things that are actually working in your life–how you’re growing, the unexpected gifts that show up, the people that love you. You know you don’t do well under stress, but you can’t control all the external factors that trigger it. Yoga, exercise, and reading self-help books do provide some relief, but you can’t do those things all day long.

The Women’s Release and Empower Group is designed to help you:

  • Be able to release stress as often as you need to, throughout the day
  • More quickly notice when you’re stuck, and then choose to shift
  • Tap into clear guidance when you need it
  • Feel relaxed and strong enough to move forward with the things that matter to you
  • Appreciate your life and know you are really worth it

This is not therapy or interpersonal processing work; it’s women helping themselves, together. Whether you feel underlying, chronic stress because you’re going through a major life transition, you’ve struggled with anxiety your whole life, or because you’re an empath and the world is breaking your heart, this group was created for you.

The program consists of 12 group sessions, a season of commitment to emotional release and self-care. Each session is like a mini-retreat, where a group of like-minded women gather in community for the practice of four powerfully simple tools: 


A way to compost the trash talk in your mind and gain surprisingly easy access to your own intuition and guidance 


Simple methods for letting go of emotions that have been stored in the body


Relaxing into the experience of feeling lighter, more clear, and reconnected with your heart


Using your real voice from a place of presence, power, and self-compassion

If you’re curious, I’m guessing you have more questions. The current fall 2019 group is full, but registration is open for the winter/spring 2020 group. Check out the FAQs at the bottom of this page, or read on for more details:


TIME: Thursdays 7pm-8:30pm, starting January 23, 2020 and ending April 16, 2020 (Total of 12 sessions, no meeting on March 19th)

PLACE: Pure Light Chiropractic, 1711 Fortview Road, Austin, TX 78704

COST AND PAYMENT PLAN: Four payments of $135 each, the first paid when you register, and the rest auto-charged on February 12th, March 4th, and April 1st (total cost $540). Or take advantage of the EARLY BIRD REGISTRATION DISCOUNT: register by January 10th and instead make four payments of $120 each (total savings of $60).

FOR QUESTIONS OR TO REGISTER: I know we all love the quick click sign-up, but I do brief phone calls with everyone first. This allows me to answer questions, make sure this group is a good fit for you, and get you signed up. All you have to do now is fill out this form to set up your free call.


Is this group right for me?

This group is highly recommended if you give a lot of physical, emotional, or spiritual care to others, whether that be professionally or in your personal life. It’s also great if you are starting a new venture, making a big change, feeling a little stronger after a significant loss, living as an empath or highly sensitive person, or just trying to maintain equilibrium through daily stressors. It is not sufficient nor a good idea if you’re experiencing major mental health issues. If you’re unsure, set up a call, and we’ll figure it out together. I will refer you to some other wonderful resources if need be.

What if I have to miss some sessions?

Of course, this will happen once in a while (hopefully because you’re doing something relaxing and fun!) When you miss a session, you can ask for a volunteer to partner with you for the week. I’ll explain this option in full detail when the group gets started, or on your free phone call if you’d like to know more now.

I’m unsure and a little nervous about the commitment. Is there some way to see if I’ll like it?

Yes! You can call me and ask all your questions, or join me at a free sample workshop on Thursday, January 16th at 7pm at Pure Light. The workshop is a great opportunity to try out the practices and connect with like-minded women.


The practices helped me connect with my heart, body, and intuition in a way I was really needing. Thank you so much for these self-care gifts! 

Powerful. Connected. Gentle. Soothing. Energizing. An absolutely wonderful experience. I loved everything about it!

I came to the free workshop and loved it. The combination of writing and physical expressing gave me surprisingly quick access to anger and grief I wasn’t aware I was holding on to. One of the most powerful 1.5 hour workshops I have ever been to. Thank you so much!

This was an amazing experience. I don’t think anyone could come away from this unchanged.